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Helping Yorkies & the ones who love them be healthy!

If only I had known years ago what I know today I'd be in better health. Below are helpful videos and articles which will be of great help to others live a longer healthier life.

Which one would you prefer "Non-caged Free Roaming Eggs" Photo 1 or Photo 2

Eggs Are Incredibly Nutritious Many people love eggs and share them with their Yorkies. Some breeders even use the egg yolks in newborn puppy formula. Organic pasture-raised eggs are nutritionally superior because they contain higher amounts of vitamins A, E, omega-3s, and beta-carotene. Chickens that are free to roam in clean pastures are able to eat their natural diet of seeds, plants, insects, and worms instead of processed feeds, resulting in healthier, fresher eggs.

We're lucky to be close to several farms with eggs and grassfed beef. Find a farm near you.
Tip: truely pastured eggs have dark orange yokes!

Safe dish cleaners

Safe floor cleaners

Safe Laundry detergents

A puppy falls from the sky!

Puppy stolen caught on tape!

Pets being stolen out of your backyard!

The Dangers Of Flea And Tick Products

Pet Products May Harm Both Pets and Humans

How to Control Fleas Without Chemicals

How Often to Vaccinate Your Dog

MIT Doctor Links

Yorkie & Family DANGER

Dr Mercola interviews Dr Carman

What's a GMO? Learn the Shocking Truth!

Seed Fear

Herbicides:Are They Killing

Part 1 Chemicals in PetFoods

Part 2 YES Pet Food

Beware when handling PORK

The Organic Effect:Pesticides

Puppy Mills

Puppy Scams

Puppy Adoption

The Ultimate Guide To Pet Adoption

Never leave your Yorkie unsupervised outdoors or this may happen!
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Visit NBCNews.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Protect Pets from Birds of Prey

Puppy Dropped from the Sky By Owl

A fence didn't stop this guy
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Pets of all ages can get stolen every year

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Are you placing your Yorkies & family in DANGER?
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Glyphosate, often sold under the brand name Roundup, most commonly use herbicide. Even if you don't use it in your own yard, do your neighbors use it? Beware when taking your puppy for walks in public places. If you live in a townhouse community and see a guy either walking or riding a mower with a larger plastic container spraying the grass/weeds/sidewalk, guess what they could be spraying?

"These products have been promoted as easy-to-use and effective on poison ivy, kudzu, dandelions, and other weeds. But the primary use is by agriculture. Nearly all the corn, soy, and cotton now grown in the United States is treated with glyphosate. Its use skyrocketed after seeds were genetically engineered (GMO) to tolerate this chemical. Because these seeds produce plants that are not killed by glyphosate, farmers can apply the weed killer to entire fields without worrying about destroying crops. Between 1987 and 2012, annual U.S. farm use grew from less than 11 million pounds to nearly 300 million pounds. Some five million acres in California were treated with glyphosate in 2012 to grow almonds, peaches, onions, cantaloupe, cherries, sweet corn, citrus, grapes, and other edible crops." Read more >

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What's a GMO? Learn the Shocking Truth!
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Seed Fear
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Part 1: Does Pet Food Contain Chemicals
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Part 2: YES
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Funds for analyzing dog and cat foods contaminations

Beware when handling Raw Pork!
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The Organic Effect
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