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Fits in your pocketbook so you can take your baby everywhere with you! Adorable babyface Yorkshire Terriers, affectionately known as Yorkies, one of the most sweetest kissy face breeds may be tiny but with a HUGE personality.

Our Yorkshire Terriers and puppies are registered with the American Kennel Club, AKC. They all live in the house with us as part of our family, eating a wide variety of premium dry and canned dog foods, as well as organic fresh vegetables, free roaming chicken eggs, wild fish and grass feed meats.

Newborn Yorkie Puppies
Tiny babies: 2 boys, 1 girl, 3 ounces at birth!

These precious babydolls will be little so extreme care advised for homes with young children and large dogs. Larger Yorkie puppies are a MUCH better choice as they are more study and not as fragile. Tiny puppies require extra attention, care and should not be left alone for very long.

Each yorkie puppy comes with AKC Registration Folder, Veterinarian Records, Health Guarantee and Supreme Puppy Gift Pack (see below) ... $1200 & up

They had their first Veterinarian Puppy Wellness Examination and vaccination and doing fantastic!

tiny yorkie babyAll puppies are lovingly raised and there are no kennels only Love, Hugs and Kisses. Our Yorkies are family raised underfoot, NOT in a basement, out building or kennel but in our home cuddling with family members in a cage FREE environment. We want our tiny babies to go to homes that will love, cherish and become part of their family, raised the way ours are. Like a human baby, a puppy depends on you, needs your love, guidance, and most of all PATIENCE. They easily fit in a pocketbook so you can take them with you where ever you go! We include a pocketbook for you in your yorkie puppy care package. Its a special feeling when others also get to experience the heart felt love of precious yorkies.

Teacup Yorkie PuppyFor health dangers, safety and potty training, the puppies are protected in a custom open playpen with lots of stuffed animals and chew toys, handled daily, creating happy, loving, affectionate babies and when they grow up, they want to be held and cuddle on your lap all the time. Giving any puppy the run of your house they will poop and pee everywhere so a playpen is a great alternative until they're potty trained. If you choose to section off a part of your room, then you will need to cover every inch of your floor with washable puppy pads, otherwise they will think it is okay to potty on your uncovered floor. You'll find more great yorkie care tips and info in your puppy care package.

Supreme Yorkie Puppy Gift Pack

To help baby adapt to their new loving home, we included in your Yorkie Puppy Package samples of the Water, Milk, Royal Canin Puppy Kibble & Royal Canin Puppy Canned Food, Freshpet Bison & Beef Roll your puppy has been eating. This will lessen the stress and help ease the puppies transition to their new loving home. Later if you decide to change to a different brand of high quality food, you can do so gradually.

Many times in the excitement of bringing home your tiny yorkie puppy, it's easy to forget to pick up important items and supplies for your new puppy. That is why we also include Puppy Vitamins, Probiotics, and a awesome Puppy Pocketbook conceals your puppy so you can take your baby everywhere with you. It's suede with a zippered mesh front for airflow, pretty awesome.

We don't want you accidentally stepping on or kicking your tiny puppy so we also include a IRIS Puppy Play Pen with a washable puppy pad to continue potty training and most of all keep your baby safe. It happens believe me! Seen it happen at friends, and it happen with us with our first tiny baby and do not want it to happen to you. They may be tiny but can move very fast and before you even know it they're under your feet.

Tiny yorkie pocket book puppy
Suede Pocketbook for your yorkie puppy

IRIS 4-Panel Pet Play Pen Features and Benefits

Yorkie Puppy Pocket Book

Yorkie Pocketbook Purse

Puppy Purse

Puppy Yorkie Pocketbook

Yorkie Lovers Gifts
Coming Soon!

Yorkie Coffee Mugs, Yorkie Magnets, Yorkie Keychaings, Yorkie Mouse Pad, Yorkie Blanket, Yorkie Pillow, Yorkie Lamp, Yorkie Necklace & More!

yorkie lover gift ideas

puppy bassinet tiny yorkie puppies in a bassinet 

Our Yorkie puppies are raised in a custom puppy bassinet and handled daily. As they get older they're moved to a larger open playpen for continued potty training and safety so nobody steps on them.

Sweet babyface yorkies! What little love bugs

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