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Yorkshire Terrier Puppies Males & Females

Newborn Yorkie Birth Weight: 2 1/2 ounces to 3 1/2 ounces

All Puppies Have Their New Loving Homes !!

Previous Puppies

Reserved for Lucy
@ 7 months old - 4.50 lbs

Reserved for Libia
@ 7 months old - 3.50 lbs

Reserved for Joanne
@ 7 months old - 4.75 lbs

Reserved for Suzie
@ 7 months - 4.25 lbs

Reserved for Jay
@ 1.5 yrs - 3.55 lbs

Precious Doll Baby Face Yorkie Puppies

Precious Doll Baby Face Yorkie Puppies, we are not a kennel with numerous puppies available year round. We periodically have puppies to select homes. Our precious yorkies are family raised in our home underfoot, with quality food, love, and attention. Puppies are priced according to their quality, size, age, color, pedigree. Since Yorkshire Terriers can range in shape and size from 3 lbs to 15 lb (or more), we use the word "tiny" to differentiate from those with larger sized yorkies, especially for those who may not want such a small dog.

Yorkshire Terrier Male Puppy

Babydoll Face Male Puppy


Yorkie puppy pocketbook purse carrier

~ ~ ~ ~ MOTHER & FATHER ~ ~ ~ ~

Yorkie Puppies Sire - 3 LB Baby of the family!
teacup yorkie
Yorkie Puppies Sire - So Gorgeous!!
teacup yorkshire terrier

Yorkie Puppies Dam
parti color yorkie
So loving my Susan Lanci Cuddle Cup bed, Precious!
tiny yorkie

Toys, Toys, lots of toys our yorkies love to play with toys!
tiny yorkies silky coats
precious tiny yorkies

We love giving our yorkies weekly beauty baths with SPA Grooming Products.....makes them smell soooo good
grooming your yorkie  shampoo
grooming your yorkie

New Yorkie Baby Check List

Providing familiar items with the same water and food that your puppy is used to eating and drinking will lessen the stress and help ease the transition to their new loving home. Later if you decide to change to a different brand of high quality food, it should be done gradually. Many times in the excitement of bringing home your new baby, it's easy to forget to pick up important items and supplies for your puppy.

This will be a very stressful time for your puppy and they will be scared in their new surrounding, new home smells, new faces and will miss their siblings they have been playing with since birth. They will cry and sometimes howl to show their sadness, holding and snuggling your puppy wrapped in their soft baby blanket we provide will comfort them as well as bond with you. They may wiggle and squirm a bit at first, and are not afraid of height and will JUMP OUT OF YOUR ARMS, so hold them firmly for several minutes then place them on the floor. Do this throughout the day, and they will squirm less and less as they get used to you.

The first couple days, your puppy may be too excited, nervous or too tired to eat very much and the Nutri Cal vitamins will help especially if hypoglycemia occurs. At 4 weeks of age, the puppies were actually using disposable potty pads! but as they got older, and starting ripping them apart and playing with the stuffing (chemicals) they were switched to a washable potty pad (aka incontinent underpads but many use them as puppy pads). See the "suggested items list" below to find out where you can order more.

Quality puppy food

Soft Baby blanket

Washable puppy pad (disposable pads are dangerous as they will rip them apart and chew the chemical filling - even with a puppy pad holder!

Puppy vitamins

Tiny puppy toys

AKC Registration & Folder Pack

Veterinarian health records

Puppy care booklet

Health guarantee

Yorkshire Terrier Puppy Care Sheet

~ Tiny Yorkshire Terrier Puppy Price ~

Puppies are priced according to their quality, size, age, color, pedigree. We are NOT a kennel with numerous yorkie puppies available. They are NOT raised in another place, or outside in another building, in the back yard or basement. Our precious yorkies are family raised inside our home, underfoot, eat premium foods, organic fruits & vegetables, grass feed meats, spring water, sleep, eat, play, snuggle with family.

All yorkie puppies receive a licensed Veterinarian Wellness Exam where they look at their eyes for redness or discharge, look in their ears inside the canal with a otoscope for debris or discharge that often indicates mites, look at the nose for any discharge, in their mouth, at their teeth, check their hair and skin for any signs of parasites or fleas, listen to the lungs and heart with a stethoscope, then palpate the body and legs feeling for any abnormalities. Stool samples are sent off to a lab and checked for any evidence of intestinal parasites.

All of our yorkies receive a weekly beauty bath with SPA grooming products, which we love. Not only keeps their silky coats in gorgeous condition, the long lasting fragrance makes them smell sooooo nice.

Young puppies are supplemented with puppy milk when needed, start with puppy starter food, taste of the wild bison puppy food, holistic canned food, organic vegetables and grass feed meats, spring water, soft and hard toys, chew bones, vitamins and more.

We provide new owners with a New Puppy Gift Package which includes: baby blanket, washable puppy pad, toys, nutri cal puppy vitamins, AKC Folder pack, & toys

Our yorkies are American Kennel Club AKC registered. Both parents are here, the dad is 3 lbs and the mother is around 4 3/4 lbs. Her previous litter they are 3 lbs and 4 lbs as adults. These are not runts of the litter, the puppies are out of small lines from both the mother and father. The fathers grand sire is a 3 1/2 LB Champion and others. We are very particular and it took us a long time to find our precious guys since there were so many out there that were not what they were advertising them to be. We love the small size because you can take them with you in your pocketbook, bath them in the kitchen sink, cuddle with 3 or 4 on your lap. As with everything in life, there is no absolute guarantee. The small yorkie size is not for everybody, especially for those with young children who may prefer larger sized yorkies.

~ Precious Tiny Yorkie Puppy Video ~

Yorkshire Terrier puppy video 1

Yorkshire Terrier puppy video 2
Yorkie puppies love toys

Yorkshire Terrier puppy video 3
Learning to potty on the potty pad



Water & food dish - we like to use pyrex glass storage bowls for our yorkies water and food dishes. Most grocery stores also sell them. I try of avoid using plastic containers due to the chemicals and leeching into foods.

Playpen - for potty training our yorkie puppies and keeping them safe when we're not able to supervise them. If you give your yorkshire terrier puppy free roam of your house, they will potty everywhere.

At our house, we blocked off a section of a room about, 6' x 6' large enough for a extra large 3' x 4' washable potty pad, toys, cozy bed, blanket, food & water.

Washable puppy pads - aka underpads but many use them as puppy pads because disposable puppy pads are dangerous due to some puppies ripping them apart and playing with the pad stuffing full of the chemicals! Taping it to the floor or potty holders "do not" deter them. Kitty litter is also dangerous, if they eat it, it will damage stomach/intestines or worse. Newspapers are an option but be aware they get dirty fast due to the newsprint ink.

Doggy Stairs - until your yorkie puppy is an adult you definitely need to be careful, DO NOT let them jump off furniture, they can get hairline fractures or break their tiny legs. Also the force of hitting the floor, their front legs give out with their little jaw hitting the floor. Tiny yorkie legs are no thicker than your finger! and they are NOT afraid to jump or even out of your arms! so hold firmly.

Floor Pillow - we keep a long pillow beside the sofa so when they jump off the sofa it softens the blow. You can also make your own, we went to JoAnn Fabrics and bought 2 yards vinyl type fabric (easy to wipe clean) was about 40", just fold in half and sewed bottom and side, filled with stuffing, then sewed the top. You will also need a small pillow on the other side of the stairs until they're older, tiny yorkie puppies will also leap from there. Another option is to use thick comforters or lots of blankets folded into several layers.

Towels - couple small ones for drying your yorkie puppy during touch up baths, and a bigger more absorbent one for after full bath.

Hair Dryer- for after your yorkies bath.

Supplies - metal comb, brush, nail clippers (much easier to use cat clippers on a puppy), Spa pet shampoo & conditioner (smells sooo good), we get these at Petco or online

Disposable gloves
- Most stores carry them. Just like people, puppies/dogs will have digestion issues, as a yorkie mom/dad you will need to help them. When they go potty, sometimes stool may stick to their hair on their behind creating a blockage and will become a serious situation if not removed. Keeping your yorkies hair trimmed back there helps to prevents this.

Here's a picture of the doggy stairs and the floor pillow I made for our Yorkshire Terriers
NOTE: don't forget to put pillows on both sides of the sofa and stairs until your yorkie puppy is older

Video of the doggy stair & pillow

Picky Eaters
What Do Yorkie Puppies Eat ?

~ What We Feed Our Yorkshire Terrier Puppies ~

Everybody is different in what they believe the best diet is for their yorkie. What we feed our yorkies may not necessarily be what is best for your yorkies. Over the years we have tried A LOT of different foods and currently feed our adult Yorkies Precise Holistic Turkey-Duck-Vegetables Canned foods, Taste of the Wild Bison dry food, Performatrin Ultra Grain Free Salmon-Duck-Turkey dry food, and recently decided to try Newmans Own Organics Second Generation Organic Beef canned food. We also share with our Yorkies, organic fruits, organic vegetables, grass feed organic beef, free roaming chicken eggs. We either hand feed each of them, so that they each get a equal amount or add it to their canned holistic food or soften dry food that has been soaked in spring water for 10 minutes or so.

We try to avoid foods that have been on the recall list, and do tons of research before choosing a particular food. We try to avoid dog foods that have meat by-products - "unsavory leftovers of processing considered by many “unfit for human consumption” slaughterhouse waste - which may also include "euthanized pets from animal shelters"!! (we seen the video before it was disabled!) Foods like Purina Dog Chow and Beneful contain meat by-products! "Purina dog chow's first ingredient is corn, 2nd ingredient is corn gluten meal, third ingredient is chicken by-product meal, a dry rendered product of slaughterhouse waste, coating the dry gibble with used restaurant grease, discarded oils and fats… even dangerous trans-fats… that have been salvaged after frying foods at very high temperatures. Fats and oils raised to high cooking temperatures like this have been known to produce unwanted cancer-causing compounds known as carcinogens."

Another thing to keep in mind is that one Yorkie may like one food and another Yorkie may sniff it then turn their nose up at it. Another issue might be certain ingredients may not agree with them, for example, corn might make one Yorkie itchy, and another Yorkie might be sensitive to chicken which may give them a upset stomach.

BUT if they "vomit" food, there could be something in it that does not agree with your Yorkie. Write down the name of food and DO NOT give it again. Watch the puppy carefully. He may vomit again to get it all out of their system. NOTE: like a baby, Yorkies may eat odd things they find on the floor, paper, plastic, lint/dust, string etc. If it doesn't belong, it most likely will come back up including any food that is currently in their stomach. So you will need to determine which one was the cause. Another thing to keep in mind is over time their toys will collect dirt, hair, lint, and will be ingested as your puppy chews on it, accumulating in their stomach forming a ball or oblong shape. AKA hairball, a term used with cats. So if you see something like this on the floor, you'll know what it is.

Some Yorkies may be selective in what they eat at times and even though they may like a particular food one time they may not eat it another time. They just may not have been hungry at that particular time. I discard the food after a couple hours, and if they didn't eat much of it, I'll put something different down for them. If you leave wet food down to long, and they eat it later, they may get diarrhea. Would you eat food that you left out for hours and hours?

A new puppy will be scared at first in their new surroundings, home smells, and new people which may affect their appetite. To prevent hypoglycemia your puppy should "NEVER" go all day without eating and should have access to a bowl of dry puppy food to nibble on day or night. You CAN NOT monitor how much your puppy eats and drinks if you have other dogs sharing the food bowls. Yorkies get bored eating the same thing day end and day out, for variety, here are some other food choices my Yorkies"periodically" love to eat.

For variety we mix "one" of the items below with either the holistic canned food or the dry puppy food SOFTENED by soaking in water for 10 minutes. (Any new food your puppy eats will sometimes cause their stools to soften so do so gradually).

Beef baby food in a jar (sold at the grocery store baby section)

Couple tablespoons of cooked organic Bison burger (sold at organic grocery store) it has a lower fat content than cow beef w/no SLIME!

Couple tablespoons of cooked scrabbled organic pastured raised eggs, (sold at organic grocery store)

Few bites of cooked grass fed steak chopped into tiny pieces (sold at organic grocery store)

Couple tablespoons of cooked organic cooked green beans cut into tiny pieces

1/4 cup of Esbilac puppy goats milk mixed with 1/4 of spring water

Newmans Owns Organic Beef Canned Dog Food

cooked organic vegetable cut finely into tiny pieces

Puppy Collars & Puppy Hair Bows

As a responsible pet mom/dad, you should always watch your puppy/dog when wearing any accessory as
some can be a choking hazard or get damaged during rough playtime.


Did you know Yorkshire Terrier puppies are available in colors other than black & tan? AKC, American Kennel Club, sets a Standard for each dog breed. The Show Standard is the description by which a Yorkshire Terrier is judged in the show ring. The standard is submitted by the parent breed club. Keep in mind that the dogs are not judged against each other, rather against the Breed Standard. The judge determines which dog most closely meets that written description.

Yorkshire Terrier colors that are not included in the Standard, parti color for example, is considered a "show fault" and not eligible to compete in a Yorkshire Terrier dog show. AKC recognizes and accepts the registration for parti color Yorkies. It's basically a different color variation of the Yorkshire terrier.

In June of 2000 American Kennel Club extensive DNA studies determined that after a study of the Yorkshire History and the DNA of the dogs involved in the study they were satisfied that the color can be produced in otherwise normal litters of Yorkshire Terriers. AKC letter , parti color history, parti color info

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